5 benefits of working in an Early-stage Tech Startup

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I got my first opportunity to work in a startup as an intern while I was studying for my masters. I have been working in the same startup for 2+ years now, I can surely say that startup culture has grown on me and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything else. After my graduation, most of my classmates got a job in MNC’s while some were still looking for jobs. I didn’t want to follow the trend and I was pretty comfortable as I had an option to continue to work in the same startup.

But I can tell you that making a choice to work in a tech startup was one of the best decisions I have made in my career. Because, at my startup, I was fortunate enough that I had many chances to experiment and propose new ideas, learn new skills along the way, and working closely with colleagues from diverse backgrounds.

In the following text, I’ll share some of the benefits I have experienced from being part of a startup.

Openness at work

Most startups encourage openness as their core value. Being open in company culture allows an employee to express their thought process, make suggestions that will be implemented to improve the company’s process, and along the way you learn new things from your team members. You work in a small team, and everyone is within your reach or just a Slack message away. Over time you build meaningful relationships with teammates that become your family.

Freedom to experiment

Identifying a problem in the business process has a major professional upside: It allows you to grow your skillset at problem-solving and trying new things.

In a startup, there is fewer hierarchical restriction where you will have the freedom to take initiative on your own, test new ideas and experiment with new strategies that might benefit your company.

Working under pressure

As a startup employee, you work on multiple projects and initiatives where you are forced to meet tight deadlines. Things happen at a much faster rate and there is a lot of uncertainty on projects because the company may pivot and change strategy after months of hard work. Likely, the project you have been working hard on for the past 2 months might be scrapped and you might end up working on a fresh initiative. Expect that to happen quite frequently.

However, working under pressure with tight deadlines will allow you to develop your skills in project management and decision-making skills. Over time, it will make you a much sharper individual compared to someone working on repetitive tasks all day long.

Responsibilities and learning curve

Taking responsibilities is subjective in everyone’s life, when working in a startup, you don’t get to say, that’s not my job here, because startups have blurred boundaries between different roles and functions which allows everyone to wear multiple hats and perform multiple jobs at the same time. You’ll be part of the strategic decision-making process which I suppose wouldn’t be the case in larger organizations.

As difficult as it may sound, the learning curve is massive. Your role and responsibility will evolve pretty frequently maybe multiple times a year. Over time one becomes aware of their own capabilities and also has an opportunity to explore different business functions early on in their career.

Learning to prioritize work

Working on multiple projects at the same time means, you’ll need to manage your time effectively and make progress on your tasks and projects.

In the early days, I found it quite overwhelming and too much to handle. But gradually I have developed better time management skills and effective ways to handle the pressure. In addition to that, I have learned how to prioritize my work and get things done.

Personally, I found the experience of working in a startup very valuable because it made me a better-rounded person. In addition to that, I now have a deeper understanding of how customers, data, operational pieces fit together and how tech businesses are built. If you still have questions about in’s and out’s of Startup life? Let me know in the comment section below

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